vineri, 18 martie 2016

Kawasaki Vulncan 1500 classic- front fender repair

Aluminum gas tank-handcrafted- Yamaha Virago 750-1100

A beautiful travel through time, was A bit difficult to build, same time a real pleasure to craft this big thing alloy. From the beginning i had free hand to build whatever I want, as long the tank(and the rest of the parts for this bike) is big for a long autonomie.At this stage i got a big helping hand from Valeriu Neicu  the sketch guy who helped me on to establish the right design for the entire bike,not just for the tank,...thank you my friend!
The joint weld are gas weld 80% and 20 % are TIG weld.At this moment, during this time, when I'm writing on this blog,the bike is exposed at EMAT Budapest 2016, an European custom Auto-Moto show,  a huge exibition, with many entries,from all over the Europe.Thank you  Devils MC Hungary for accepting me.

Enjoy the travel.


luni, 7 martie 2016

Aluminium custom rear fender 18"x 200

The sides are 3mm aluminum CNC machined by the  and the rest is made in the house, it fit on a 200x 18" motorcycles custom wheel.