vineri, 5 iunie 2015

BMW R 35 rear fender - handmade

another great challenge

Front fender Harley Davidson custom 883 Sporster - 3x21"

Made from steel , handmade... personalized, ribbed on edge, it looks cool and give more strength the entire fender. Fit on 21" x 3" tire or 80x90x 21"

on your demand it can be made, wider, longer...

marți, 2 iunie 2015

Swing arm leather bag for Kawasaki Vulcan 900 - hand made

handmade 100% - italian semi wax leather, hand stitched with wax thread, interior made from black leather...

Belt pouch - black leather - belt strap

Can be weared in many position, directly to the belt, or indirectly to a strap that is adjustable on hight. Has two compartments, one is 1,3 cm for the phone, and the other 3.5 cm - H=17cm x L=13cm natural leather, Hand stitched with wax thread.