miercuri, 28 ianuarie 2015

Toiletry bag leather & military cotton

Toiletry bag for men, made from leather and Romanian military cotton, a material with a very dense fabric, very good quality, size 50x30 cm open, stainless steel hanger, hand made, hand sewing all leather parts, and the fabric with a -100 years old sewing machine...

luni, 26 ianuarie 2015


I wish to thank you all, that you trust valuables of historical significance on my hands, I feel honored, thank you for your trust, I promise not to disappoint.
The subject  is a gas tank one of the few and rare motorcycle CZ 175 "37. A short period of time
in its time of glory was the motorcycle that accompanied the Pope in convoy street.
The gas tank is composed from two parts, the lower part is the one that  I had to rebuild  and ''re-welded" to the top section. A small project with a major interest, was a pleasure, as I actually enjoy of any old thing that I revive.

marți, 13 ianuarie 2015

REAR FENDER - Simson Awo Touran 425 - hand crafted

Trying as much as possible to do a clean work... it is my main goal, I hope that I have succeeded.

TIG weld.
Top left, without filer wire, top right with filer wire. Dawn-left penetrating welds without filer wire, 
lower right-weld penetrating with filer wire

duminică, 4 ianuarie 2015

BMW R12-R7-R16 front fender-hand crafted

An attempt of reproduction after a front fender for a BMW R 12, or similar with that R7-R16, unfortunately the original fender is incomplete, the mounts of the fenders I have to reproduced from the images, let's hope they've gone well, after all, it was a nice challenge.