luni, 30 iulie 2018

Complet leather set for A HONDA SHADOW bobber

hand carved Solo seat , side bags , one for a minimum of repair tools,and leather protection for back cylinder against excessive  heat

vineri, 25 mai 2018

Big fenders H.D.Sportster

Front and rear fender handmade on client specification for a HD Sportster.

Photographer Leather harness-Dual Leather Camera Harness

Made from italian leather, hand painted and hand sewn that gives the harness a unic look,the leather is doubled total thickness 4mm. We used Aluminium rivets hand hammer fitted, and stainless steel washer, for more flexibility, adjustability and no compromise for camera safety.

marți, 15 mai 2018

marți, 23 ianuarie 2018

Cotton canvas and leather - Urban backpack

Made from 100% cotton canvas and natural waxed leather, colorful plaids interior that will make proud a Scottish,reinforced for an elegant and firm shape.simple & long siluate, Cream stitches that offer a pleasant contrast on the green canvas and a note of luxury with those long stripes of nautaral leather, a combination that makes this backpack fit to any outfit.
dimension :L:29cm
H:42 cm

vineri, 15 decembrie 2017

Solo seat Jack Daniel's theme-Dnepr seat& swing arm leather bag

I received an Dneper (Ukrainian motorcycle) solo seat to cover in leather, initial idea was to create a simple diamond shape and end on this. Emotionally,I do get attached to this "thing" would be the color, the theme, the amount of work hours involved to create this( at one point I lost counting) the mexican braid style..i don't know, but I like it a lot,I may keep this.

A few word-2.5 mm vegetable tan leather, Jack Daniel's theme hand carved, hand painted in "coniac brawn" color ,and black fade on edges,hand stitched on bag ,mexican braiding style on seat a few specification-5mm leather lace 90 cm long cut in house-enough for just10,5cm mexican braided, ,10-11 pieces was used, 35-40 min time work/ 10cm braid