joi, 23 martie 2017

Leather Sheath for a Knife& leather belt

A wear buckle on a new leather belt, and leather sheath for kniwe made from vegetable tan leather and hand painted

luni, 20 martie 2017

Leather Multi Camera Strap, handcrafted.

I kinda start to love this pattern, it look good, it feels right on the body, it's very practical,very functional,for man or woman.
 The result of this color is hand painted and it goes like this :  the base coat was pink,then 3 coats of hot read, then 3 coats of cherry red, then black for the edge, than 2 coats of "clear coat" between coats is timing, because  timing is everything,and time will reveal the true value, I hope!


duminică, 5 martie 2017

Leather camera harness for Dual-trial DSLR camera photo, leather camera strap

Made entirely from good quality leather, a very nice combination between black and brown, sewn with cream synthetic thread, gives the product an unique clascic look, All the pieces are hand cut, hand prepared, in a few word, a high quality product. This camera strap,harness can support up to three camera with lens attached, all joint's are movable in all direction, on the back has adjustable length straps so the harness can fit  to your body for an all day confort.