joi, 12 mai 2016

Leather Tool Bag- Honda Shadow- Hand carved - edge Laced

Made from high quality leather,it has inserted a custom hand carved piece in veg tan leather , the edge is laced with leather straps. Hand sewn with 1mm cream wax thread .
dimension 28cm x 15 cm and it fits on 24-26cm  opening  at the arm forks.

duminică, 1 mai 2016

Holder dies for Planishing Hammer

took advantage from a "time window"and dedicated for a little arrangement to my hand tools,improperly to say cos a planishing hammer is not , properly-A hand extension .
Till at this moment I made some dies and wanted to keep them in order in one place... the result , you'll see in the picture beneath this post.
Also, I made another mallet(the older one is pretty busted) from an hornbeam branch,not too fancy, big and rough, with a longer tip for deeper areas .I use just an axe and a woodpile to form this mallet,keeping that way an original natural look,For a better grip I wrapped in leather the handle.
...back to work!