vineri, 29 mai 2015

Window handlebar - hand made

I don't want to over react, but, probably this first parts I made are for one of those rare Frisco bike style in my country, correct me if I'm wrong, first was the gas tank, now handlebar, coming soon a duck tail fender... the next step sure will be the frame, fender... etc, to be a complete pure old school Frisco style bike... is just a matter of time.
- small Widow handlebars, command on 1",47 cm max opening, 27cm high. Nice shepe, raw, mat black  powder coating.

joi, 21 mai 2015

HARLEY DAVIDSON Softail handlebars

handmade, TIG welded, matte black powder coated - maxx opening 80cm, high 35cm, command on 1"'

luni, 11 mai 2015

HD SPORSTER leather SIDE BAG with shoulder strap - 100% HAND MADE

First bag was simple, the second come with bottle holder and the third I added the shoulder strap... what? HD sportster leather side bag weared on the shoulder? You won't believe how practical and how cool look they have... think of this:
- you are in rush, you don't have time to mount the bag on the bike (because not everybody have a garage or a safe place to leave the bike) so you throw the bag on your shoulder and your good to go... and it was not my idea, but is brilliant my man. Thank you!
Hand made, hand stitched, 4 mm leather thickness.

marți, 5 mai 2015

Sportster Gas tank Frisco style - aluminium-hand made

I waited for too long time to do a Frisco style gas tank, now I made my wish come true so I shoot two rabbits in one fire! In what concerns me is the ultimate gas tank, just love it! I hope you love it too, my friend!

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