joi, 21 august 2014

Harley Davidson - Sportster left side saddlebag-hand made

100% HAND MADE, hand sewing, black leather 5 mm thick, with a good coated water protective. I forget how hard is to stitch by hand this kind of leather, is not just is thick is hard texture to, in the end we trough away all the pain, all the complain,the result speak for them self... in my humble opinion.

a little bit of  edge finishing and an extra coat.

marți, 19 august 2014

Stihl 08 chain saw - muffler modification and clutch repair

The other day's I cut some logs, with small breaks, even with earplugs in my ears, still bothered me all that noise, so I decided to see what's inside, and make it a little bit quiet.
I searched the net, how can you change a 2-stroke engine muffler, but I have not found, so! For those interested in change a muffler this is how I made, the good part is that the engine does not lose power, and is not that loud, it was worth the effort.
Next repair - the clutch, bare metal no lining.

The back of this perforated board, I put a piece of exhaust wrap, as a silencer 

I cut an L SHAPE sheet metal, like so the direction of gases goes around and not directly outside, see below!

centrifugal clutch 

no wonder the clutch feel lose  

I think I'm going to do My on version, see if she work.
brass - friction dish 

will wait 24 hours - see if this work 

I'm sorry, I had to do a video before and after,you got to  believe me, it sounds much nicer now, no ear bother, no infernal noise, that sound of broken pots before. Ufff,!! pinched eardrum!!! ... much much better. It sound like it used to be! Thank's for watching!