joi, 10 iulie 2014

Metal and photography

Fire in my eyes! Simply love working with metal, above all, it's hard work, maybe that's why I like it.
I apologize if I get you bored with so many images but today I wanted to fill the void that deepens lately, because luck of time... photography! My first passion.
For me It's a joy to see, how a plan sheet metal,  get's to be abused by a hammer, appears bumps, it get contortion, wrinkles and you interfering again whit your hands and tools that you made, try to leveled again and again, finally reaching that plan in to a curved sheet metal in all directions, it is likely that most fascinate me.

Each hammer seen in this picture has been used at least once

3 comentarii:

  1. Frumos! Mai pune poze ca doar asa o sa iti pot fura tehnica! :D

  2. Mana de maestru. (Y)
    Cred ca ar fi interesanta o aripa cu denivelarile de ciocan, fara sa o indrepti. La urmatoarea mea moto. :) Momentan ma bucur de ce am.