miercuri, 19 martie 2014

till midnight !

In 2008 it was the first time I stepped on an exhibition custom auto - moto show  -
E.M.A.T - Budapest organized by Devil's MC and RUSTY RODDERS CC.
Standing their, watching all those creepy" machinery, I was overwhelmed, then I said to myself ,
one day you will make a bike for this show.
After six years today I full fill my dream. By simple fact that I build a bike whit my on hands, THE fact that I was accepted to this show, for me is everything. The rest... doesn't matter, honestly!
I would not have managed alone.
I can not find words to thank my good friend, for all the support, without him I would not have succeeded.
Many thanks to my wife for moral support, understanding, and all of you.
Thank you!

 till 1: 25 AM in the morning, last preparation .....
see you there!

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