vineri, 21 martie 2014

Scrambler style seat- hand made- hand stitch.

What is seen, is hand sewing, not machine, brown leather, waxed thread 0,8 mm thick 5 cm foam.
Love'n it.

miercuri, 19 martie 2014

till midnight !

In 2008 it was the first time I stepped on an exhibition custom auto - moto show  -
E.M.A.T - Budapest organized by Devil's MC and RUSTY RODDERS CC.
Standing their, watching all those creepy" machinery, I was overwhelmed, then I said to myself ,
one day you will make a bike for this show.
After six years today I full fill my dream. By simple fact that I build a bike whit my on hands, THE fact that I was accepted to this show, for me is everything. The rest... doesn't matter, honestly!
I would not have managed alone.
I can not find words to thank my good friend, for all the support, without him I would not have succeeded.
Many thanks to my wife for moral support, understanding, and all of you.
Thank you!

 till 1: 25 AM in the morning, last preparation .....
see you there!

luni, 17 martie 2014

double trouble- spacer, Brake caliper stand

When I find my self in trouble!...
Let it be, let it be!!!

I song these lyrics in my head when I discovered the problem, I panicked at the moment, that's happen when I start singing, or panic, whatever
My luck just come to that door, my little brother come to visit me, he is the one who come with the saving idea, in meter to solve this problem  ....  .... Thanks bro!
Blood of my blood - I am proud of you, "smarty pant's"!
here is the big problem, the brake caliper touch in spokes...AAA.. what's cooking Doc? 

force to make another Brake caliper stand

original- not good!

my version.

on the right- 0,5 mm space it almost touch in swing arm, to the left 1,5-2 mm between stand and bolt.

a better view.

chubby  spacer 17 mm + shoulder one in and one out

spacer up

disk brake up.

luni, 3 martie 2014

Painting time

Şi am dat cu vopsea peste cele sablate... preferatul meu, motorul! Mulţumesc lui Nea Cristi (din Bucureşti cu Nipra Galbenă, aşa îl ştie toată lumea) pentru sfaturile preţioase.

And I  threw paint over the first sandblasted pieces... my favorite - the engine!

Da hood! sandblasted 


clear coated 

Sandblasting! it's about time.

Ea mă împinge altfel nu aş face, scurt!
Cât apucam să respir între pauze mă întrebam:
1 - să frec ca nebunu` cu peria de sârmă, şmirghel şi benzină?
2 - să construiesc un aparat de sablat?
E clar! Pierd timp, dar mă fac cu o ustensilă care mă va ajuta mult şi pe viitor.
Nu am stat mult pe gânduri, am desfăcut butelia secundară a compresorului construit acu câteva luni (Manole-Manole!) şi mi-am făcut "damblaua".
Mecanismul în sine e simplu, odată înţeles... dar trebuie înţeles!
Şi l-am înţeles şi timpul pierdut a meritat şi am uitat... care era prima întrebare?