marți, 31 decembrie 2013

Hand made aluminum gas tank

In the Suzucaniana project, we wanted to build our own aluminum gas tank, with that specific look, I think! I dare to say, a little bit different, somehow... choice of form, buck, forming the aluminum sheet and welding, all are made in the house.

electronics potion 
not even close! but we close the year here, see you in 2014

here we are 2014!

75 AmpH, 5 L/MIN, AL-SI stick, 55-60% BALANCE, PURE WOLFRAM, BALL ON - that really makes the deference!
German equipment! hahahah! I hate them! BEING so closer to the perfection... them! Not me.
welding aluminum emits a lot of heat, so I had to take my well ''ventilated"' equipment! As you can notice!

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